Important tips you should know before renting a scooter

There are many questions you should ask yourself before booking a scooter in Las Vegas.

1. The first and most important question is: Is the company a local based business or is its main office located in another state or country?
Did you check for their physical location?

Las Vegas Scooters is located three blocks away from the Palms casino on Arville St. The major cross streets are W. Flamingo Rd and Arville St. We are located 10 min away from the strip, just half a mile, click here to see our physical location.
2. Another question you should ask yourself is: Is the company providing you with enough information about the scooter brand, model, year of the equipment that you are
trying to rent?

Las Vegas Scooters is the only company in the industry that rents scooters by model. We guarantee the scooter model only with your reservation in advance.
3. Does your company answer the phone after business hours? Yes, ask yourself this question twice. If your scooter brakes down after 5 pm what do you do next if the company doesn’t answer the phone? Stranded?

Yes, Las Vegas Scooters answers the phone after business hours. We will come to give you another scooter but these cases are very unusual in our company since all are equipment is pretty new and well maintained. Give us a call after business hours and see it for yourself.
4. Using a 3rd party agent?

Make sure you deal directly with the company and avoid 3rd party rental agents. 3rd party agents are not able to answer all of your questions or concerns. You might end-up paying more and the most important thing is that you’ll not share your personal information with anyone other than the company.