Attending a Convention in Las Vegas?

If you need to attend a convention here in Las Vegas you know there is a lot to walk, 5000-6000 booths or more? There is no way you can visit even 1000 booths just by walking. Just rent a scooter and cruise around the conventions. You will move faster than pedestrians, which means you’ll have the chance to see more and find better deals. You don’t have to be handicapped to ride a scooter and there is nothing to be embarrassed of. Using a scooter for the conventions is a smart choice that you wouldn’t regret.

Here are our recommendations:

First, reserve your scooter in advance with us and get free delivery right to your hotel. Our best scooter is the Victory 10 and the battery will last between 10-15 miles, which is usually the whole day.

Second, stay in the east part of the strip because if you need to attend a convention at the Las Vegas convention center you can take the monorail which is handicapped accessible. Just ride your scooter into the monorail. If you need to attend a convention at the Sands Expo, stay in any hotel near the sands for example : The Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore, Treasure Island, Mirage, Harrah’s, etc. That way you can just ride the scooter a few blocks to the Sands Expo.

Third, be aware that in the convention might charge you around $60.00 just to use a scooter for the day. For example: If you need the scooter for 3 or 4 days , you might end up paying around $150 to $200.00 but if you reserve your scooter with us you would pay around half price $100.00.

When renting a scooter from Las Vegas Scooters you have the scooter for full 24 hours, so after the convention is over you still can use the scooter to go anywhere you want , for example shopping malls , casinos etc. You are responsible for charging the scooter for the next day every night in your hotel room.